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100% Real Amateur Websites
Adult Reality Feeds builds and manages Adult Site for a variety of individuals and couples. We specialize in Adult sites targeting the Mature, Amateur, Swinger and Interracial niches and are also capable of building and marketing to other niches including Fetish, BBW and Softcore/Glamour.

Models WANTED - Make CASH NOW!!
In this bad economy, with record high unemployment, and credit hard to come by, it's not surprising so many adults are looking for alternative sources of income. Why not earn money while having fun at home? We offer attractive women and couples an easy way of making a large sum of money in a short amount of time, so you can quickly pay bills, mortgage, rent, relocate, or whatever you need. Wouldn't it be nice to get paid for something that you're already doing anyway?

Making money off sex tapes isn't just for celebrities. We're looking for real people just like you! Ladies if your selected we can film you at a discreet location or for couples you can film yourself together in the privacy of their own home. Send the footage to us whenever they're ready. Contact us here to make Make CA$H NOW If you're local in the Atlanta, GA area payments are made in CASH at the time of the photo shoot!

PLEASE NOTE - You must be at least 18 years of age and be able to supply us some type of Goverment approved ID, Drivers License, Passport, etc. Use a digital camera or photocopier to create a clear copy of both of your IDs showing your date of birth.Payments are made in CASH at the time of the photo shoot!

Want Your Own Adult Site?
We make it easy to have your own Amateur Adult Website, and become a part of the fast growing adult internet marketplace. From start to finish, our program is completely 'Turnkey'. That is,we handle all phases of site design and site management; including hosting, billing set-up, security, an advertising plan, and site updates. As a Adult Reality Feeds partner, you need only provide video and images for your site and some basic input on the look and feel you want your site to have. We take it from there, and within 2 - 3 weeks, your site is on the net and ready for you and us to promote. Our experience coupled with our strategy of combining multiple sites in a single member's area ensures each of our sites gives the surfer a satisfying experience and maximizes both sales and retention.

As important as site design, concept and content is, the single most important factor in a site's success is traffic. Our business and design models are predicated on maximizing traffic to all of our sites and we aggressively manage our traffic through our network of sites, our toplists and a wide range of internet sources. The bottom line is that 99% of the people who visit a site don't sign up. Our sites are expressly designed to effectively manage this 'exit' traffic, turning it into more hits, and ultimately into more subscribers.

How We Work
Once we agree on the look and the concept of your site, and receive your images and video, we will design and build your site and ...
> Register the Domain Name (address) of your site
> Set-up hosting and technical support
> Design and build your site
> Include videos and images from one of our existing member areas
> Set-up Secure Credit Card Billing via CCBill
> Upload your site to our secure server
> Provide you a plan to advertise and market your site
> Update your site on a regular basis

The Money  (This is the Important Part!)

What Does It Cost?
There is NO INITIAL INVESTMENT or ONGOING COST for Adult Reality Feeds to design, build, and manage your website.  All 'upfront' and set-up costs are paid by Adult Reality Feeds . We also pay all costs associated with the management and operation of your site including:
> Domain registration and annual renewal fees
> Hosting ... all costs associated with hosting your site
> VISA set up and annual fees ($750.00 if you do this on your own)
> Monthly credit card processing costs are split equally between us

How Do You Make Money?
We will design, build, and manage your site, and pay 100% of the initial set-up and ongoing costs. Our charge for our services is 50% of the revenue generated by the site.

How much money can we expect to make?
Frankly, there's no way to tell how much any site will make. Our highest performing sites gross well into six figures each year while others gross $ 500 - $1,000 a month. We cannot guarantee or project sales for any site. We will however, help you market your site just aggressively as we market our own. Remember, ours is a partnership ... if you don't make money, neither do we. Our client partners receive checks directly from our billing company, CCBill, LLC, every two weeks for business posted the previous two week period. A detailed statement  accompanies each check and you have unlimited access to all of your sales information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week directly via the CCBill website. Each partner has a unique Login and Password that allows you complete access to all of your financial information.

What do I need to provide?
Only Content. You need to have a decent quality digital camera and a video camera. To get started you would need at least 2,000 or more high quality pictures, a minimum of 2 hours of video and a computer with an attached camera to do live cam shows with (should you elect to do so). We'll also expect at least 50 -60 new photos each month for site updates and additional video

How long will it take to get my site up and running on the net?

Normally, we can have your site up and running within 30 days of receipt of your images and videos?

How can an amateur website compete with the megasites like Blacks on Blondes and others?
In fact, we don't directly compete with the megasites. Adult Reality Feeds sites feature 'real' people doing 'real' things, not professional models or porn stars. Our sites target a very specific niche market, the surfer who is looking to make a connection with a real lady or a real couple. Additionally, our 'shared member area' design allows even a small amateur site to offer 'Mega' content to it's customers.

Can I have a website and remain anonymous?
We don't think so; especially if you work with us. Adult reality Feeds builds high traffic websites. Consider that even if your site does only 5,000 'hits' a day, 150,000 people will see your face each month ... that's 1.8 million people a year. Be prepared, someone you know will eventually find you. (We highly suggest you seriously consider this before deciding to build your site).

What if I decide to take my site down?
As do most businesses, we require a written contract that spells out responsibilities of all parties. We require a minimum commitment for a site to be online for twelve (12) months, unless extenuating circumstances occur, at which time, we will work with you to remove the site.

Why do I need a company like Adult Reality Feeds ?
Actually, you don't, you can build and manage your own site. Consider however, that you will need to build your site, set-up a secure billing system, pay the annual VISA processing fee of $750.00, find a reliable host, and that to be even marginally successful, you will need to generate at least 5,000 'unique hits' a day. We have the processes and systems in place to accomplish these tasks quickly and easily. We have a proven design and marketing plan that works, and that can get you where you want to be faster than most people can on their own.

How do I get started?
Send us an e-mail including a way to contact you by phone and the best time to call. We will be glad to speak with you directly and answer any questions you have.

Models Wanted @ Adult Reality Feeds - 100% Pure Amateur Porn

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